11B's Memento is a Sidequest in NieR: Automata

Description Edit

Client: 16D

16D has a request. Her instructor, 11B, died in a battle at the abandoned factory, and her body was never recovered. Go to the abandoned factory and return with any mementos you can find.

You found 11B's body. Bring her belongings to 16D

When told of 11B's escape plan, 16D mockingly recalls how hideously strict 11B had been with her. now, she says, she can happily devote herself to her work. She looks delighted as she says it.

Activation Edit

  • Speak with 16D in the Hanger area in the Bunker. (First opportunity at 02-01)

Objectives Edit

  • Find 11B's corpse and retrieve the materials.
  • Bring her belongings to 16D.
  • (Optional) Tell 16D the truth.

Rewards Edit