Functionality Edit

Scanner can be used to find quest items or Black Box signals. It will also occasionally find "hidden" items that will appear when the player is close enough. These hidden items appear to spawn randomly, but may be effected by region. Various "relics from the old world," requested by a side quest given by a resistance member in the desert, can only be found by using the scanner in the desert region.

Use Edit

While the pod program button is held, a circular icon will appear on top of the pod signifying that the scanner is active. While active, the scanner will periodically emit beeps accompanied by a circular visual cue. When an item is detected by the scanner, it will begin to beep more frequently as the player approaches its location. Note that there is no clear cue when an item is initially detected. When very close to the item, the pod will emit a spotlight pointing to the item's exact location. Additionally, if the located item is a 'hidden item' it will appear in the world as a normal item at the same time the spotlight activates.

Note that Scanner is the only pod program that has no cooldown after use, although it will respect any cooldown persisting from another pod program. It is also the only pod program that is intended to be held indefinitely and cannot stack with multiple pods.