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Adam: Final Battle is a Unit in NieR: Automata

Description Edit

Adam also appeared in the Copied City. His fascination with humanity lead him to create the Copied City in an attempt to imitate them. He then separated himself from the network and put his life on the line against 2B in an attempt to better understand the concepts of life and death. While he eventually gained the knowledge he sought, the price was his own life.

Variations Edit

Notes Edit

  • For the character page, see Adam.
  • This unit is encountered in 08-01_2
  • When hit by Pod fire Adam will use a projectile shield, which will explode once a threshold is met, dealing damage and knocking back the player. There is a short window in which the player can evade this counter attack if timed correctly.
  • The fight contains three stages in which Adam becomes more powerful and changes his attacks.
  • During stage one Adam uses white blocks to throw and detonate on the player.
  • The eruptions of energy Adam creates nearing the end of the fight appear on the ground slightly before detonating, leaving the player time to evade.
  • Adam can use a finisher move if he grabs the player with his extended energy arms.

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