Ancient Overlord
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 194 30% Very Light


Silver Ore x4, Broken Motor x10
Level 2 245 50% Very Light


Silver Ore x6, Broken Wristwatch x3, Crystal x2
Level 3 271 50% Very Light


Silver Ore x5, Moldavite, Memory Alloy x2
Level 4 283 50% Very Light

Ancient Overlord is a one-handed weapon in NieR and NieR: Automata.


NieR - "An ancient warlord used this sword to slay his loyal subjects in hopes of gaining eternal life."

NieR: Automata - "Long ago, a cruel lord used this sword on his own subjects in a vain attempt to attain immortality."

Location Edit

Weapon StoryEdit

A sword that has been passed down for centuries in the royal lineage of a prosperous and long-living kingdom. Legend has it that the gem in its hilt glows bright red when it absorbs the blood of ten thousand men, and bestows immortality upon the bearer. The last king to wield it, however, cared less for the immortality and more for the welfare of his subjects.

One day, his beloved queen passed away during childbirth, as did the child. Upon hearing that his wife and child were dead, he was stricken with grief, and coupled with his old age, the royal lineage was set to die out.

In his mad obsession with extending the life and power of his country, he took up the sword and slaughtered subjects and countrymen alike. "If I am to be the last ruler, than I shall simply never die!!"

Tens, hundreds, thousands of deaths at the hands of the king, and the gem was close to reaching its full brilliance. Finally, his heart unable to take the burden any longer, the king died without reaching his goal. If he had just reached the pregnant woman in front of him...


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