The second Novel in NieR: Automata containing the memories of the YoRHa Android A2

Novel Description Edit

The shared past of A2 and the Resistance is revealed by Anemone. It is the record of a grueling battle fought by the Resistance along the first YoRHa squadron.

Location Edit

  • Ask Anemone for access to the computer as A2

Notes Edit

  • Most easily accomplished at the start of Ch. 14-01: A2 and the Oil Filter. Simply start the chapter, make your way to the center of the desert and proceed to use the transporter to the Resistance Camp. Exit the camp and save Pascal. After exhausting the quest dialogue options with Pascal and then Anemone, talk with her one more time to gain access to the computer behind her. Interact with it to obtain the novel.
  • Player gains access to Anemone: Understanding after reading.