Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 172 40% Heavy


Iron Ore x12, Complex Machine
Level 2 221 40% Heavy


Iron Ore x20, Complex Machine x1, Machine Oil x1
Level 3 282 60% Heavy


Iron Ore x15, Pyrite x2, Crystal
Level 4 313 70% Heavy

Beastbain is a one-handed sword in NieR and NieR: Automata. It is part of a set, along with Beastcurse and Beastlord.


NieR - "A sword that bears a beastly motif. Its short, thin blade seems eager to vanish from sight."

NieR: Automata - "A sword decorated with a bestial motif. Short and thin, it easliy goes unnoticed."

Location Edit

Weapon StoryEdit

NieR Edit

Once upon a time there were three brothers in a kingdom. The second of the three was a mighty general leading the army. The army was very violent and feared by everyone.

The general loved wars. He liked seeing burning cities and rolling corpses. The general dedicated his life not to conquer, but to destroy. Soldiers trained like machines destroyed alllllllllllllll the villages and cities and countries for the general. The mighty general saw that and laughed a vulgar laugh. “Guhuhuhu…”

The army marched on. They destroyed the winter country, the eastern country, the southern country indiscriminately. Obeying the absolute orders of the mighty general, for yeaaaaaaaaaaaars and years they killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed and killed.

Eventually the army reached a certain country. They pierced the people in the city, the armies, the princess, the prince with their spears and killed them. In the end a general begged for his life while crying, but he was killed right away. The general’s face seemed familiar. The soldiers tried to remember, but the general’s daughter appeared and they were absorbed in killing her, and did not think about it again.

NieR: Automata Edit



  • Up until the second half of the game, this is the most powerful weapon.

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