Boku-Shi is a Unit in NieR: Automata

Description Edit

A multi-legged, Goliath class machine lifeform. Equipped with an offensive firearm unit, this long range menace can also emit electricity from the tips of its legs, turning nearby water-covered surfaces into danger zones.

Variations Edit

Notes Edit

  • This unit is encountered during 10-01_4
  • Boku-Shi will electrify the water in the area, which will damage the player when touched.
  • Once this unit has taken damage, it will retreat by climbing onto the side of a building to start regenerating health. The player can stop this by moving close enough to the unit to force it to come back down.
  • The player can use the various pieces of cover to avoid the vast array of ranged attacks, from standard energy projectiles, to lasers and missiles.
  • 9S arrives during the final moments of the battle to help 2B destroy the Goliath-class unit.