FIX Mouse and Keyboard: Pod Aiming and Dodge Button [solution]

Hello, guys, I found a way to add the evade button to keyboard and fix sidescroller mode pointer behaviour several days ago and want to share the solution with. Your advice will be greatly appreciated if you know the better one or how to improve this one! It is not perfect now, but it works. You can also set up additional mouse buttons with it.

I really hope it will help you to dodge intime and shoot with much greater precision too.

The solution is to emulate the X-Box controller:

So, you'll need 3 free programs, one python script and a bit of free time to do the same.

You can toggle emulation ingame anytime you need with a shortcut key (default: F11).


You can find all the files you'll need on my Google Drive Folder (

How-to-install guide uploaded to Imgur[]

Great Soft List

  1. vJoy[] — Virtual joystick driver and program
  2. x360ce[] — Tocaedit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator
  3. FreePIE[] — Programmable Input Emulator

Default Controls (you can change it)

Use to change the control settings. It's recommended to reassign some keys if you have a multi-button mouse.

Menu/Interfaces [WASD or #Navigation [ZXCV #Navigation (alt) [ESC or Q #Cancel [Right Click #Cancel (alt) [Space #Enter [Enter #Enter (alt)

Character Pointer (Mouse) #Aiming and Camera control WASD #Moving LeftAlt #Evade (Mouse Button 4 is great idea) Space #Jump LeftShift #Fire (Great for mouse too) E #Pod Program Z #Switch Weapons X #Use Items C #Previous Pod V #Next Pod Tab #Shortcuts Escape #Menu Q #Action 2 #Toggle Light

System F11 #Switching virtual joystick/standart pc controls LCtrl #Reset pointer position; it's important to reset pointer after game window status changed (resizing; switching fullscreen/windowed) MB3 (Wheel) #Reset pointer position (alt) = #Virtual joystick scaling up - #Virtual joystick scaling down Backspace #Switching mouse pointer mode; windows pointer will return to the center if toggled, much similar to PC. Do not use in side-scroller mode, but it can be helpfull in fights; adjust sensitivity at the script file.