Demon's Cry are Combat Bracers in NieR: Automata.

Description Edit

"Weapons shaped after a demon's profane fangs."[1]

  1. "Weapons fashioned in realms unseen to resemble the unholy fangs of demons."

Location Edit

  • Amusement Park - Locked Chest: Located on the underground portion. Defeat the boss then go out and down the stairs, turn left and go to a lift, then follow the path all the way to the end.

Story Edit

  • Level 1
    • "Once, there was a gentle angel who came to earth to provide salvation for those in need. Whether it was curing illnesses, offering blessings, or cheering the sad, he was always there when needed."
  • Level 2
    • "The angel, however, provided aid to sinners and non-believes as well--an act which was strictly forbidden. Each time he did so, a single white feather would fall away from his glorious wings."
  • Level 3
    • "One day, the angel came across a young girl with an illness that pained her deeply. But he could do nothing to help the child, for all his feathers had long since fallen off."
  • Level 4
    • "The angel cursed both himself and the cruelty of the world. The resulting hatred stained his body and his wings, turning them both black as night. Then, crying tears of blood, he brought his hands to the girl's neck."

Reference Edit