Dragoon Lance (NieR)
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 300 30% Moderate


Silver Ore x3, Pyrite x1
Level 2 353 40% Heavy


Silver Ore x4, Pyrite x3, Pearl x1
Level 3 416 50% Heavy


Silver Ore x5, Meteorite x3, Simple Machine
Level 4 442 60% Very Heavy

The Dragoon Lance is a spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), found in a crate in the Shadowlord's castle, just before Goose chases Nier up a staircase.


"A spear that symbolizes a pact between a great warlord and an ancient dragon."

Weapon StoryEdit

The king grew old. His piercing eyes lost their light, and his formidable body has suffered regression. The vanity and fear he gathered upon himself throughout the years devoured his heart in their ugliness. The king was afraid. So to prevent himself from losing the borders under his protection, he repeatedly invaded the surrounding countries. The king was afraid. He could not bring himself to trust in his people’s voices or his advisor’s words. So he tried to take away everything with violence and tyranny.

There was one dragon that was loyal to the king. The wingless dragon followed every word that the king said. It was once saved by the king, and swore to repay his kindness with its soul. Even if they were foolish acts that it can’t stand to overlook, it would follow along if the king ordered it. For the dragon, the king was justice itself.

One day, the dragon appeared before the king, covered in blood - blood spilled from the young prince when he was murdered. The one who gave the order was none other than his own father, the king. The dragon pleaded with the king. "I cannot defy your commands. But I cannot follow them anymore. Kill me." the dragon said, and lowered his head tiredly.

That’s an old story. The story of a foolish king, his country that had come to ruin hundreds of years ago and a wingless dragon. Even today, wind rushes through the plains. The same wind that blew on the day the king and the dragon exchanged vows.


  • The Dragoon Lance is Knight's Vow from Drakengard.
  • The Dragoon Lance and its description is a clear reference to Drakengard.