Earth Wyrm's Claw
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 142 30% Very Heavy


Iron Ore x8, Scorpion Claw x10
Level 2 163 40% Very Heavy


Iron Ore x8, Clay x3, Broken Pottery x2
Level 3 209 50% Heavy


Iron Ore x10, Clay x15, Amber x1
Level 4 271 60% Moderate

Earth Wyrm's Claw is a one-handed sword in NieR, bought from the Blacksmith in Facade for 8400 Gold. It is very heavy, and swings slowly, with mediocre strength, so it is easier to stick with Beastbain.


"Made from the fossil of an ancient beast. It's more unwieldy than most swords--but further forging can help"

Weapon StoryEdit

Deep inside the smelly museum, one old scholar sat in the dim archives. Before him was a box tightly sealed. He was told by the former owner, in no uncertain terms, to “Never open it”.

Apparently a fossil that sucks human blood was inside. How foolish. Who’d believe something like that in this time and age? You only believed in this superstition because you lived your life surrounded by books.

He opened the box. Dust flew wildly. There was one strangely shaped stone inside. Since it had a hilt, it might be an equipment for some kind of ceremony... or a weapon. Such a fascinating shape. I have to do more research on this.

Still, how foolish would you have to be to fear such a thing? Hehehe... the old scholar laughed while gouging out his left eye in front of the fossil.


  • Earth Wyrm's Claw is the Dragonhook from Drakengard.
  • This weapon might refer to the The Wyrm  from Drakengard. Caim and the dragon Angelus, who shed hope already, fight against the Wyrm, whereupon they grow much closer.