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Engels are bosses and later a minor character in NieR: Automata. They are a type of Goliath-class Machine.

Intel Description Edit



Kaine Spoiler Weiss, you dumbass!
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NIER follow.

Chapter 01: Prologue - An Engels is the target 2B and 9S are sent to destroy in the weapons factory. After making her way through the factory, 2B encounters it on a bridge between two factories. During the battle, 9S arrives to provide support, only to be slammed from his Ho229 Flight Unit. 2B makes her way to the top of Engels to discover a half destroyed 9S. Hesitantly, 2B leaves 9S and takes his flight unit to destroy Engels by removing and using its own arm against it. After defeating the Engels, 2B and 9S reunite, only to be surrounded by three more Engels. The duo decide to detonate their black boxes, destroying the Engels and themselves.


Chapter 01 - Engels has three stages to the boss fight. The first stage is fighting him from the ground, as he fires orbs and attempts to smash you using his saws. Simply fire at the orbs while strafing back and forth, and dodge whenever he uses his smash attack. When the opportunity presents itself, attack his arms after he attempts to crush you. After he reaches about 80% health, the Engels will go below the bridge and attempt to destroy it from below. Simply run further back on the bridge. This process will repeat again, then the second stage begins.

After gaining 9S' flight unit. Strafe in all directions while firing at Engels. When he launches you further out, stick to the edges of the screen while firing to avoid taking damage from the barrage of orbs.

The final stage of the fight simply requires you to hit either melee buttons while avoiding his attacks. Each melee attack you do cannot miss and do tremendous damage, so you will end the fight quickly.

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