Engine Blade is a one-handed sword in NieR: Automata.

Description Edit

"A sword passed down and continuously improved among the royal family of a land where magic prospers."

Location Edit

  • Abandoned Factory's underground area near the end of Route A.

Story Edit

Level 1 Edit

A small prince rests alone in a vast, vast bedroom. He wishes his father knew how much he hates sleeping alone, but he doesn't dare to tell him. For the king is very busy man and must not be disturbed.

Level 2 Edit

A king sits alone in his vast, vast office, drowning in affairs of state. All he wants is to see his family and hug his son, but he cannot. For his every waking moment must be spent in service of the people.

Level 3 Edit

One day, while eating dinner, the king asks his son what he most desires in the world. He hopes he will say that he wants them to spend more time together, but instead the boy simply points at a sword hanging on the wall.

Level 4 Edit

The ancient sword is considered the sign that one is ready to rule. 'Someday' the king chuckles. His son faintly smiles back at him. All he really wanted was for his father to read him a bedtime story...

Trivia Edit