Nier facade

Main view of the town.

Façade is a location in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It is a desert city governed by thousands of rules. It is the home of the Masked People, and their leader: the King of Façade.

It is made up of different levels of buildings and walkways, overshadowed by the mansion and with a sandy river in the middle. There is a ferry that can take the residents from one area to another.



Item ShopEdit

  • Medicinal Herb 100 G
  • Health Salve 1,000 G
  • Antidotal Weed 600 G
  • Watermelon Seed 80 G
  • Melon Seed 120 G
  • Gourd Seed 60 G
  • Rice Plant Seedling 60 G
  • Freesia Bulb 80 G
  • Flowering Fertilizer 300 G
  • Bounty Fertilizer 300 G

Grocery StoreEdit

  • Watermelon 800 G
  • Melon 1,200 G
  • Gourd 600 G
  • Berries 200 G
  • Pumpkin 500 G

Material ShopEdit

  • Crystal 2,400 G
  • Clay 800 G
  • Amber 6,000 G
  • Wool 800 G
  • Wolf Hide 5,000 G



The word "façade" comes from the French language, literally meaning "frontage" or "face".


The inhabitants of Façade whose names are known have been named after numbers in German.