Nier landing a fish.

Fish are able to be caught in NIER, which can be sold for money, and count towards certain side-quests and two achievements.

List of FishEdit

This is a list of all the fish, the bait to catch them, and their locations.

  • Shaman Fish - Lure - Seafront, in the hidden beach
  • Sardine - Lugworm - Seafront, beach
  • Blowfish - Lugworm - Seafront, pier
  • Bream - Lure - Seafront, pier
  • Shark - Sardine - Seafront, pier
  • Blue Marlin - Sardine - Seafront, pier
  • Dunkeosteus - Sardine - Seafront, pier
  • Rainbow Trout - Lure - Northern Plains, at the dock to the northeast of the bridge.
  • Carp - Earthworm - Home Town, near the waterwheel
  • Black Bass - Lure - Home Town, near the waterwheel
  • Giant Catfish - Lure - Home Town, by the fast travel boat (rare)
  • Giant Catfish - Carp - Eastern area (east of Home Town), in the pond
  • Royal Fish - Earthworm - Eastern road (east of Nier's village), in the pond
  • Hyneria - Sardine - Desert, near the fast-travel boat
  • Sandfish - Lure - Desert, near the fast-travel boat
  • Rhizodont - Sardine - Desert, near the fast-travel boat

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