Fish of Legend
Description: You caught a rhizodont.
Trophy: Bronze Bronze
Gamerscore: 10 Gp-g
Fish of Legend is obtained when you catch the legendary fish, rhizodont. Don't even attempt to catch this fish before completing all the Fisherman's Gambit Quests, as it's impossible to catch beforehand.

Rhizodont's can be caught in the desert by the fast travel boat with Sardine. You can either catch Sardine at Seafront or buy them there for 250G each. When fishing with the Sardine, there are three different types of things you can catch, based on how many times the fishing pole dips.

1: Rusty Bucket, Empty Can, or Rusted Clump. If your pole dips Twice.

2: Hyneria. Pole dips three times.

3: Rhizodont. Pole dips twice and then twice again after a short pause. Only appears every 10 attempts.

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