Grimoire Noir is the secondary antagonist in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER), is a cloned magical tome in the possession of the Shadowlord, the game's main antagonist. Like Grimoire Weiss, Grimoire Noir has access to magical spells (known as Words in the NIER lexicon).


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Immediately before NIER, Grimoire Noir was one of many mass produced books handed out to civilians in 2053. When Nier and Yonah were getting food, they were also given this book and another copy of Grimoire Noir. They then witnessed the other survivors who had copies of Grimoire Noir turn into Gestalts. Nier and Yonah then fled and hid in a grocery store. The book tried luring Nier in his sleep to trade his soul for power, but only resulted in him lashing out at Noir. The Gestalts eventually found Nier and overpowered him, forcing him to use Noir's power. After Nier slaughters hundreds of Gestalts, he checks on Yonah, only to find she touched her copy of Grimoire Noir, thus, becoming a Gestalt herself.


Grimoire Noir is battled twice, always in the Shadowlord's presence. Nier battles him the first time in the Library, and for the second and final time in the Shadowlord's Castle. He fights using his pages and by rolling around with a protective barrier.

In the end, Grimoire Weiss uses the last of his power to destroy Noir, at the cost of his own life. After his destruction, the player fights and defeats the Shadowlord.



  • "Noir" is the French word for "black", in contrast to Grimoire Weiss, which is German for "white".
  • Grimoire Noir shares a voice actor with Pod 042 from NieR: Automata.