Grimoire Weiss is a companion and deuteragonist in NieR.

He was a hovering, magical tome that served as Nier's access to magical spells (known as Words), new melee attacks, and weapon upgrades.

Grimoire Weiss, also known as the "white book", was initially released with Nier's help. He was known as the white book, because he is meant to stop Grimoire Noir, the black book. In the past, Weiss was a part of Project Gestalt along with those who became known as Grimoire Noir and Grimoire Rubrum. Grimoire Weiss "only contains a small portion of the Sealed Verses power," as said by Devola and Popola, meaning that the power of the Sealed Verses are immensely strong.

Grimoire Weiss appears as downloadable content in NieR: Automata. His likeness can be used as a pod appearance.


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And Then There Were None

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Grimoire Weiss is a mysterious book of immeasurable wisdom and age that becomes a powerful ally in Nier's journey to cure Yonah. Grimoire Weiss possesses a sharp tongue and an inflated ego, but often feigns ignorance. Whether he does this to test Nier or because he simply loses interest is unknown. What is certain, however, is that he can't stand to have his name abbreviated. He must be addressed by his full name at all times! Aside from being a talking, floating, all-knowing book, Grimoire Weiss uses the Sealed Verses that Nier uncovers to cast powerful magic spells that assist Nier in combat.

Weiss is in fact a Gestalt of a Hamelin Organization Crusader (a group of child soldiers raised to use magic to fight against the Legions created by the White Chlorination Syndrome that spread from the queen-beast) bound into a book. The Red Book, Grimoire Rubrum and the Black Book, Grimoire Noir, were also created this way. The true purpose of Grimoire Weiss is to fuse with Grimoire Noir to force the Gestalts (Shades) to return into their Replicant bodies and become true humans again.


During the battle against the Shadowlord, Weiss falls on the ground, revealing that all his power was used by Nier in the last five years. He then uses the last of his strength to completely destroy Grimoire Noir, killing himself in the process.

The World of Recycled Vessel


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