Jean-Paul's Melancholy (also known as Satre's Melancholy) is a Sidequest in NieR: Automata

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Client: Jean-Paul

The machine lifeform known as Jean-Paul lives in Pascal's Village and speaks in byzantine philosophical passages. Talking to him proved a frustrating - and fruitless - endeavor, so speak to his female admirers to learn more about him. A women in Pascal's village explained that Jean-Paul has additional followers in the amusement park and desert. Find these two fans, then give their presents to Jean-Paul.Jean-Paul seemed rather...nonplussed about the gifts. Go tell the three fans how he responded. Despite being rejected by Jean-Paul, his followers made no attempt to see him for what he truly was. As Jean-Paul also had no interest in understanding his followers, he began to question the overall meaning of the relationship.

After vising Jean-Paul again, you learned that he left a letter behind before departing on a journey. he devoted himself to philosophy to the vert end, never once taking notice of those who held affection for him.

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