Kainé's Shack is a Sub-Zone in NieR: Automata.

Location Edit

The shack is locked until the player acquires the Elevator Key. To get it, simply follow the quest steps to Emil's Memories until all the Lunar Tears are collected. If successful, returning to the Commercial Building ruins, Emil will award the player with the key and follow them down.

Services Edit

Kaines Shack Entrance
Elevator Entrace - Requiring the Elevator Key
Kaines Shack Flowers
Kainé's Shack - A beautiful recreation of the shack found in the original NieR games, covered in Lunar Tear flowers.
Kaines Shack Chest
Hidden Chest - Scattered around the bed of flowers, hidden chests can be found containing rare and valuable material.

Notes Edit

  • When visiting the location for the first time, Emil will discuss the existence of the cave and his memories.

Trivia Edit

  • None