Labyrinth's Shout
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 168 10% Very Heavy


Level 2 192 10% Very Heavy


Fluorite x2
Level 3 221 20% Very Heavy


Fluorite x3
Level 4 460 60% Very Heavy

Labyrinth's Shout is a spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It is attained as a reward at the end of the quest The Damaged Map.

It is part of a set along with the Labyrinth's Whisper and Labyrinth's Song.


"Forged from metal and liquefied beast claws, this destructive spear is filled with a deep hatred for the world."

Weapon StoryEdit

That woman was unbelievably dim-witted. She was unskilled, and would take three times as longer than the average person at doing anything. She walks slowly. Talks slowly. Blinks slowly, and can’t even accomplish the simple task of taking water from the well. Even when called “cow” by the children and laughed at, she could only laugh back. “Ehehe…”

That woman was unbelievably dull. Even when she fell and blood was spilled, she acted like nothing has happened. She dropped money all the time, but never tried to take them back. Even when someone badmouthed her right in front of her, it’d take her at least half a day to realize what happened. When the children saw the woman, they happily threw rocks at her.

That woman was unbelievably foolish. During the summer, when the village suffered from the sunlight, she disappeared somewhere by herself. All the children died from starvation. The villagers did not think about the escaping woman. After two days or so, rain fell upon the village and provided salvation, yet the woman did not come back. And 20 days after the woman ceased to return, a priest came to the village.

The priest held in his hand a spear with horns. The spear was sticky to grasp due to the oil. The spear was too heavy to hold and wasn’t practical to use. That spear could not pierce through anything when used. The priest forcibly left the spear to the villagers, but they found it creepy, and none came close to it. The spear was not used by anyone, and slumbers even now in the corner of the village.


  • The weapons have a horn motif on them, which is a representation of the Minotaur.
  • Their names contain the word 'Labyrinth' which is where the Minotaur was imprisoned.