Labyrinth's Song
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 223 10% Very Heavy


Level 2 257 10% Very Heavy


Fluorite x2
Level 3 295 20% Very Heavy


Fluorite x3
Level 4 860 60% Very Heavy

Labyrinth's Song is the strongest two-handed sword in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It is obtained by Nier through way of the quest Disturbing the Sleep of Kings.

It is part of a set, along with Labyrinth's Whisper and Labyrinth's Shout.


"A sword forged from metal and liquefied beast horns. Its dull glow lures people deep into the labyrinth."

Weapon StoryEdit

The beast lived in the depths of the caves. Huge horns. Steel-like body. Heated breath. The peace-loving villagers hated this monster that had a cow’s head and a human’s body. They were afraid. Somewhere down the road, the monster came to be known as “Minotaros of the Labyrinth”.

Belying its scary appearance, the monster was very gentle. It never killed other living beings, and took extra care to not step on flowers with its boneless toes. It lived inside the caves to reassure the villagers’ fear as best as it could.

One day, a girl wandered into the depths of the caves. The girl saw the monster and began screaming and crying, eventually losing consciousness due to fatigue. The monster was troubled. What should I do, what should I do. I have to send this child back to her village. Her father and mother must be worried…I have to send her back.

In the morning, two days after the girl’s disappearance, she was found unconscious in front of her worried family’s house. She suffered no wounds, and was merely sleeping. Her mother ran towards her, but let out a small scream at the sight of something. The monster’s corpse lay a little distance away. Its corpse was impaled by numerous swords, and blood splattered all over the place in a sinister manner. However, there were no signs indicating that it attacked the girl. Not only that, it seemed like it wanted her to be away from it. Almost as if it didn’t want to stain the girl with its blood. The monster curled up on itself and died, almost as if it didn’t want to scare the girl.


  • This weapon, along with the Labyrinth's Whisper and Labyrinth's Shout is a reference to the battle between the Greek hero Theseus and the Minotaur. The reason being that:
    • The weapons have a horn motif on them, which is a representation of the Minotaur.
    • Their names contain the word 'Labyrinth' which is where the Minotaur was imprisoned.