Labyrinth's Whisper
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 112 10% Very Heavy


Fluorite x1
Level 2 128 10% Very Heavy


Fluorite x2
Level 3 147 20% Very Heavy


Fluorite x3
Level 4 313 60% Very Heavy

Labyrinth's Whisper is a one-handed weapon in NieR, found as part of the quest "A Bridge in Peril". This quest can be obtained by the guard walking around in the grass near the northern gate of the Village. The giant Shade Nier has to kill drops it when it is defeated.

It is part of a set, along with Labyrinth's Shout and Labyrinth's Song.


"Forged from steel and liquefied beast fangs, the blade is red with the blood of countless sacrificial offerings."

Weapon StoryEdit

The girl had two huge horns. They were just a bit above her ears, and they looked like those of a cow. I saw the root of her horn once, and it looked like something that grew out of her skull. Of course, only she was like that. Everyone else was normal. The kid with the horns was small when she was born. Ah, I meant her horns. Well of course. If she had those huge horns, she’s not gonna be able to come out of her mom’s belly.

You thought that she would be bullied, didn’t you? Then you’re completely wrong. That child was stronger than anyone in the village. There were no males that could win against that kid. She did all the work that required brute force, and whenever Shades attacked the village, she’d always be the first to fight them. More than that, everyone loved her – she was bright and strong.

But this Shade that attacked one day was strong. The village men were tossed around like rags, and half of them were dead. She with the horns fought as hard as she could, but even she exhausted her power. At last the Shade took her body and ripped her horns off. Her scream back then was really something. It was a sound that shook the ground. When everything settled down, I went out of my house and saw that both she and the Shade died. Both were bleeding from countless holes throughout their bodies. They…how should I put it…were beautiful, like bright red flowers. Even though that’s a pretty insensitive comment.

That’s the answer to your first question. Why nobody in this village can hear anything. But I want you to know – none of us blame her. It’s much better than being dead. We confirmed with each other in the aftermath, but her last shout seemed to be “Goodbye”. I’m proud that the last sounds we ever heard were her words of parting. Really.


  • This weapon, along with the Labyrinth's Shout and Labyrinth's Song is a reference to the battle between the Greek hero Theseus and the Minotaur. The reason being that:
    • The weapons have a horn motif on them, which is a representation of the Minotaur.
    • Their names contain the word 'Labyrinth' which is where the Minotaur was imprisoned.