Letters from YonahEdit

"Look at the Sky"Edit

Dear Dad,

I hope you're doing okay. I'm doing fine here, though it gets kind of lonely sometimes. But whenever that happens, I just look up at the sky and wonder if it's the same color wherever you are, too. That usually makes me feel better.

Don't catch cold, okay?


"Don't Try So Hard"Edit

Dear Dad,

I'm worried about you. You spend all your energy focusing on my disease, and whenever I think about how upset you are, it makes me kind of sad.

I wish you'd slow down a little and not worry about me, because seeing you in pain is way worse than this stupid Black Scrawl. I know that sounds weird, but it's the truth.


"My Birthday!"Edit

Dear Dad,

Today was awesome! Popola made me this HUGE cake that was really yummy, and everyone in the village has been wishing me happy birthday. It's fun! I feel like a princess or something.

I don't feel sick at all today. In fact, I almost forgot I had this disease! So maybe you can forget about it too and come back home now?


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