Lily-Leaf Sword
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 123 20% Light


Titanium Alloy x3
Level 2 146 30% Moderate


Titanium Alloy x2, Broken Antenna x7, Large Gear x1
Level 3 187 40% Moderate


Titanium Alloy x2, Forlorn Necklace x2, Pyrite x1
Level 4 250 60% Heavy

Lily-Leaf Sword is a one-handed sword in NieR, purchased from the Blacksmith store in the Village for 2400 Gold. It is good to buy as a replacement for the Nameless Blade at the beginning of the game, if you have enough Gold.


"A narrow sword once owned by a woman of such impossible beauty that men begged her to take their lives."

Weapon StoryEdit

I love him. From the bottom of my heart. And I know he loves me too. Every time our eyes would meet, I could see the looks he'd give me. And I could hear him telling me to keep this hidden from everyone, and to hide all my feelings and gifts for him. I kept them locked away in my room. He was my one and only.

I don't believe him. The one I thought was my friend seduced and stole him away from me, and he just disappeared and left me all alone. All that's left was me, and all the things I hid away and never gave him. I sold them all off in the market.

I can't forgive him. He was taken away from me against his will by that woman. He still loves me, I know it, and I have to make him realize how much better and prettier and nicer I am than she ever will be! I just have to get rid of her! I have to find her, beat her, maim her, and rip her to pieces!!!

Blinded by rage and jealousy, she took off after the young and naive couple, and stabbed and beat them until her sword was warped and bent from the abuse. The next day, she was nowhere to be found, and sticking out of the pile of meat and flesh that was once a couple of humans, stood the twisted blade. Countless blacksmiths forged and remade the sword, but no matter how hard they tried, it would never regain its former shape.