Tower System OutlineEdit

Tower System Outline
0222 port 0642423 Tower System Outline

The tower facility processes and computerizes resources sent by resource-recovery units for use in its launch device.

Made up of 256 stratum, it can filter and compress information with a turbidity of less than 2,300 and have it recorded into the payload in approximately 27 minutes and 32 seconds*. Details regarding routes required for the digestion of androids are recorded separately.

* The allowed diversity-learning error rate is 7.21%.


9S: That huge structure is some kind of launch platform. A structure that size could probably shoot something into space pretty easily...... So this is some kind of cannon aimed at the human server on the moon?

Pod 153: Insufficent data. Cannot confirm or deny.

9S: Damn it!

[Top Secret] Black BoxEdit

The following document details the final stages of Project YoRHa.

(Note that this document has been marked with Level-SS confidentiality, and should not be disclosed to any YoRHa personnel, including the Bunker commander.)

[Project 03-01: Regarding the Disposal of the YoRHa squadron]

The back door of the Bunker is designed to open when the time comes to transfer all accumulated combat data to the next generation of models. By intentionally allowing machine lifeforms to assault it, the Bunker will be abandoned. At this time, all information related to Project YoRHa—including this document—will be lost, finalizing the deception that humanity is alive and well on the surface of the moon.
[Additional Information]

Each YoRHa unit is equipped with a "black box," an item created by reusing the core of a machine lifeform. As such, it could be said that the consciousnesses of YoRHa units and machine lifeforms share the same structure. Said black boxes were installed after determining that it would be inhumane to install standard AI in androids that are ultimately destined for disposal.

(For the record, malfunctioning black boxes have caused some YoRHa units to turn hostile.)


9S: The YoRHa black box circuitry... It's made from cores from the machines? That's... No. That can't be true.

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