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Quests are missions in NIER. They are either given to Nier by people around the world, or started by Nier himself.

List of QuestsEdit

First HalfEdit

Second HalfEdit

The Damaged MapEdit

The Damaged Map quest is given to Nier by the blacksmith in the Home Town. He wants you to find treasure using a damaged map, which first has to be repaired.

The reward is the weapon, Labyrinth's Shout.

Fading MemoriesEdit

The Fading Memories quest is started as part of the storyline. It involves Nier going to the Forest of Myth and speaking to Sleeping Beauty, the great tree.

The reward is a section of the key to the Shadowlord's Castle.

The Scattered CargoEdit

The Scattered Cargo quest is started by speaking to an old lady standing under a tree in Seafront . The old lady needs you to recover three crates of cargo from a ship that was lost at sea. Search the shorelines and find the cargo.

Every time you locate and interact with a lost crate, you are given the choice to look inside the crate.

Reward for the quest is determined on whether or not you have looked inside any of the crates.

    • looked inside a crate and reported the old lady to the authorities, 50,000 G.
    • left all crates intact, better prices and additional merchandise at the Seafront Item shop, as well as 20,000 G.

Disturbing the Sleep of KingsEdit

The Disturbing the Sleep of Kings quest is given to Nier by the King of Facade. He says that the Barren Temple has been overrun by Shades, and he wants Nier to exterminate them.

The reward is the weapon, Labyrinth's Song.


  • The only quests that can be completed in both halves are the Fisherman quests.

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