This page contains a collection of documents taken from the loading screens.

Yonah's DiaryEdit

  • The snow won't stop falling, so Dad said he'd stay here with me until it stops. He'll probably leave again when it does, so I kinda hope it snows forever.
  • Today Popola sent me a new book about a great big tree. I really hope it has a happy ending. There's nothing worse than a sad tree.
  • Devola and Popola came to keep me company today. They even sang a song for me! It was really great! I need to practice so I can sing to Dad when he gets back.
  • I'm gonna learn to make awesome food for Dad. I better start working on a new secret recipe.
  • Once I finish my secret dish, I'm gonna feed it to Dad! Then he'll see how helpful I can be.
  • The boy who's always running around outside gave me a super pretty flower today! I wonder if Popola knows what it's called?
  • Today is Dad's birthday, but he's not here. So I just had a party by myself!
  • Dad said he would come back home for my birthday, but I want to celebrate his birthday once in a while!
  • The flower wasn't in any of Devola's books, so she said I could name it whatever I want. Maybe I'll name it after Dad!
  • I guess a Shade came near the village today. People kept coming up to me and saying "Boy, we sure wish your father was around!" And I said, "Me too! Dad could kick the Shade's butt!"
  • Got a letter from Dad today! He's in a far-away town where he can see the ocean. I hope I can see the ocean someday. I bet it's huge!
  • I wish I could meet the Kainé lady Dad told me about. I bet she's really nice and always says nice things. I wonder if that's what my mom was like?
  • I was tired today, so I stayed home and hid in the bed. I could still hear Devola's singing from somewhere, though. Listening to her always makes me happy.
  • Devola and Popola went back home. That made me lonely, so I ran around singing songs as loud as I could. But then that got kinda weird and scary, so I stopped.
  • The village is buzzing with excitement and stuff today! I dunno what happened, but Devola told me not to worry. At first I thought it was a festival, but now I don't know.
  • Whenever I read a letter from Dad, I really feel like I need to see him again.
  • I write Dad letters every single day. He always worries about me, but I feel fine.
  • I wish Dad would send me letters every day like I do. But I know he's busy, so every other day is okay.
  • In the book, the big tree kept on waiting and waiting. I have to wait a lot, too. I wish I could do something.
  • Today Devola said that Kainé is "put together in all the right places". I don't know what all of that means, but I wanna be like that when I grow up!
  • Dad came back! He came back to see me! Yaaaay Dad!
  • Dad left pretty quickly. He said he just stopped by so he could see my face.
  • These black marks keep showing up on my body. Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to turn into a goblin or something, but thinking about it makes my stomach hurt, so I try not to.

Experiment LogsEdit

  • Case Report 05/18/2004
    • Mutations found in subcutaneous cell structure.
    • Rise in mental disorders believed to be caused by external factors.
    • Airborne transmission most likely mechanism.

Research into effective treatments is underway.

  • Damage Report 02/06/2008
    • Wall of Jericho collapsed.
    • 5,000 people believed dead.
    • Requests for reinforcements streaming in from multiple locations.

We continue to monitor the situation.

  • Founder Research Report 06/06/2010
    • Physical attacks useless.
    • Thermonuclear attacks useless.
    • Unknown particles have been detected.

Dealing with the situation will require proving the multi-origin theory.

  • New Medication Cycle 02/09/2016
    • Observed to slow the progress of white chlorination.
    • No unusual readings seen in subject.
    • Send records directly to Cabinet Command Room.
  • New Technology Report 08/07/2032

Although the resultant white chlorination syndrome infection makes ours an imperfect solution, we have reason to expect some positive results. Testing will begin on the previously selected subjects; recordkeeping on the procedure's safety is top priority

  • World Purification Commission Report 09/30/2032

The first detachment is functioning properly. However, continued caution will be required well into the future. A discussion about dealing with relapse cases will be deferred to the next conference.

  • Abnormalities 06/23/2033

Several deleterious abnormalities have been found with a subject in the early stages of treatment, including a relapse state resulting in a total loss of self. We will investigate the cause of this error and submit a countermeasure plan immediately.

  • Transition into Sleep Mode 12/28/2034

Transition into sleep mode is proceeding smoothly. All that remains is to pray for Project Gestalt's ultimate success.

May god have mercy on us all.