The Love Letters are letters from the Lighthouse Lady's lover.

Love LettersEdit

Love Letter 2/12/3340Edit

My dearest beloved,

Please forgive the lateness of this letter, I have recently fallen quite ill, and had some difficulty finding a doctor in this foreign land. The people here, however, have treated me with great kindness, and I now feel my body getting stronger by the day. If my recovery continues, I hope to attempt the journey home soon.

I think about you every day, and yearn for the moment when we can be together again. Please take care of yourself, and know that I am doing everything I can to return to you.

Love Letter 3/28/3340Edit

My dearest beloved,

Again I put pen to paper when all I desire is to see you with my own eyes. How do the days find you? I am faring well enough. My illness is stubborn, but my love for you is stronger! Just knowing you wait for me is enough to keep me going.

I know how lonely you must be, but I must say this again: Do not attempt to find me. The voyage is treacherous, and disease runs rampant in this land. If anything were to happen to you, I fear I would not be able to take it.

My love. My dearest love. I will return to you soon.

Love Letter 5/1/3340Edit

My dearest beloved,

Fifty years have passed since I last gazed upon your face. How is it possible? When we next meet, I hope you can look past the wrinkles of an old man and see into a soul as young as the day we first met.

This passage of time has led me to think upon our earlier days. When we first met, you were the prettiest girl in town. Your beauty was what first attracted me to you, but it was your kind heart which ensnared my soul. It gladdens me to read your letters, for I can see in them that your spirit is as wonderful as ever.

I thank the gods each day that we fell in love, even as I curse them for keeping us apart. I will see you again. Wait for me, my love.