Machine Spear

Machine Spear is a Spear in NieR: Automata

Description Edit

"A spear used by machine lifeforms." [1]

  1. "A spear used by machine lifeforms, specially formed from scrap metal to destroy androids."

Location Edit

  • Sold by Machine Village Weapon Shop for 15,000G

Story Edit

  • Level 1
    • "My name is Plato 1728. I am a failure of a machine. I was designed for combat, but I can't use weapons. Everyone makes fun of me, and my life is horrible."
  • Level 2
    • "I am a dumb machine. I got lost during battle, and ended up in some kind of factory. I found a whole pile of dolls discarded there. They share the same fate I do."
  • Level 3
    • "I am a foolish machine. Today, I had to fight at that factory. All of the dolls got completely destroyed. Crushed by my friends and foes, who can do nothing but fight fight fight."
  • Level 4
    • "I activated my cannon and shot everyone there. I'm not sure why I did that. All I know is I decided to fight. Because I'm just a stupid, broken machine."

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