The Mermaid Tear letters are letters written to the Lighthouse Lady by her lover. They are part of the side quest The Strange Fate of the Jewel in Seafront.

First LetterEdit

"...I am enclosing the Mermaid Tear with my next letter. It is the only thing I have found in this world that can hope to compare to your beauty."

Second LetterEdit

"My dearest, I fear I cannot send the Mermaid Tear at this time. I hope you can forgive me for this terrible slight."

Third LetterEdit

"As promised, I am enclosing the Mermaid Tear. Unfortunately, with this gift comes a piece of sad news. My love, I fear the illness which ravages my body will soon claim it. My dreams of traveling to you are all but lost. I desire so to give you this stone with my own hand; that I cannot is my greatest regret."

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