The National Weapons Laboratory of Japan (Japanese: 国立兵器研究所 Koku Ritsu Heiki Kenkyuujo), as revealed in Grimoire Nier, was an organization founded in 2018 in response to Japanese distrust of the international Hamelin Organization. The existence of this laboratory was classified information, and it was given the code name "Murasaki", Japanese for "purple". Their goal was to use maso and magic to create weapons strong enough to defend Japan against the Legion threat, without reliance on foreign help.

Experimental WeaponsEdit

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"I remember now. I remember everything. We used to be humans. Normal humans. Just a bunch of regular human kids like you'd see anywhere. And then...we came here. They wanted to turn us into weapons... So they used magic to perform terrible experiments on us. Eventually they succeeded. They managed to create a 'perfect' weapon. The name of that weapon was Number 6. But soon they lost control of Number 6, and the experiment was deemed a failure. They had to create a weapon that could petrify Number 6 and seal it away. ...So they created me. I'm Number 7. I'm a...a weapon."

By 2026, the laboratory had begun applying the effects of maso on humans in order to create new beings with magical abilities who could combat the Legions. This research backfired when Experimental Weapon No. 6, originally a young girl named Halua, went berserk from pain and anger due to the remodeling of her body. No. 6 was meant to be the most powerful weapon, but as a countermeasure they gave Experimental Weapon No. 7, who was her younger brother Emil, a magical petrification ability. This ability was key to finally containing her. However, due to the destruction caused by the incident, she was locked away and further experimentation with maso's effects on humans was discontinued. The laboratory lost funding and resources as a result, and it is not known if they produced anything else of note.

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