NieR:Automata contains several chapters with multiple sub-chapters within them. The chapters follow the perspective of characters: 2B, 9S and A2 as well as others. They can be accessed from the menu after getting Endings C or D.

Chapter 01: Prologue Edit

Chapter Description Player
01 Prologue 2B and 9S have been ordered to gain intel and destroy a Goliath-class weapon. They find their target and engage in combat, but 9S ends up getting wounded trying to protect 2B.
01-01 YoRHa Descent The YoRHa commence paratrooper operations, divided into aerial strike units with scanner models for support. Their mission is to locate and destroy colossal weaponry.
01-01_1 2B's Aerial Battle YoRHa paratroopers enter the atmosphere from orbit. While leading the aerial units towards the abandoned factory, 2B's comrades begin steadily dropping like flies... 2B
01-01_2 9S Disarms the Defense System On the ground, 9S is assigned to support the YoRHa by disabling the defense system at the enemy base. He boards an aerial unit to make contact with the enemy defenses. 9S
01-02 Abandoned Factory 2B and 9S are reunited before splitting up to search the factory.
01-02_1 2B's Defense Machine Battle 2B lands at the abandoned factory, where a gigantic defensive weapon resembling heavy machinery lies in wait. 2B
01-02_2 9S Outside the Factory 9S destroys the giant weapon attacking 2B and appears before her. He's investigating the factory exterior with the flight unit. 9S
01-02 3 2B Inside the Factory 2B heads into the factory in search of colossal weaponry. 2B
01-02_4 2B's Defense Machine Battle 2 2B searched through the factory but failed to find her objective. Just as she was about to give up, it found her - two colossal weapons attack. 2B
01-03 Goliath Battle It looked as if 2B had defeated her attackers. However, they reactive and combine with the factory itself to reveal their true form.
01-03_1 2B's Battle on Land 2B takes on the colossal weaponry over the bridge. The fight proves a struggle due to their overwhelming difference in size. 2B
01-03_2 9S's Aerial Combat To support 2B, 9S tries to hack her foe's nervous system. Though heavily wounded in the attempt to protect 2B, he is able to take control of the machine's upper arm with his Pod. 9S
01-03_3 2B's Aerial Combat 2B receives the flight unit from 9S and uses it to mount an aerial assault on the colossal weaponry. 2B
01-04 The Bunker 2B and 9S used the black box to destroy the enemy herd. heir bodies also lost in the blast, but their data was loaded into new bodies, allowing them to be reactivated.
01-04_1 2B Awakens 2B wakes up in the YoRHa forces' satellite station in the bunker. 2B
01-04_2 9S Gets 2B Set Up 9S heads to 2B's room to help with her reboot setup process. 9S
01-05 The Mission In the command room, the YoRHa commander gives the order to make contact with and gather information on the Resistance on the ground. 2B/9S

Chapter 02: Resistance Camp Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
02 Resistance Camp 2B and 9S have to gain intel from the Resistance at the city ruins. When they arrive at the camp they find many androids who need their help.
02-01 Landing at the City Ruins 2B and crew fly from the bunker to the City Ruins. Landing at the Resistance Camp, they soon make contact with the Resistance leader, Anemoene. 2B/9S
02-02 Traveling to the Desert 2B's crew leaves the Resistance Camp behind to pursue and take down machine lifeforms in the desert. 2B/9S

Chapter 03: Adam and EveEdit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
03 Adam and Eve While heading to the desert area, 2B and 9S run into machines that can talk. Chasing after them, they find a machine lifeform that looks exactly like an android...
03-01 At the Desert 2B and 9S enter the desert in pursuit of machine lifeforms. However, oddly, the machines they encounter are capable of speech and wear clothing. 2B/9S
03-02 Desert Residential District An uncountable number of android corpses were left abandoned in the ruins of what had once been an apartment complex. 2B/9S
03-03 Battle with Adam A group of erratically-moving machine lifeforms form up together to make a cocoon, from which one boy is born - a machine lifeform bearing a strong resemblance to androids. 2B/9S
03-04 YoRHa Recon 2B and crew stave off the humanoid machine and escape from the collapsing the grotto. They then receive a transmission from the Bunker with orders to search for a missing YoRHa party. 2B/9S

Chapter 04: Mad Songstress Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
04 Mad Songstress 2B and 9S head to the amusement park, where they are welcomed by strangely dressed machines. They also have an audience with an aspiring opera singer.
04-01 Amusement Park The allied signal originated from the disquieting ruins of an amusement park. There, machine lifeforms dressed up as clowns sing and dance merrily. 2B/9S
04-02 Tank Boss In the amusement park square, 2B and crew were welcomed by a machine lifeform in the form of an old-world tank. 2B/9S
04-03 Advent of the Songstress 2B and 9S drop into a theater where they expect to find their allies. The curtain rises in the darkness to reveal a fearsome machine. wrapped in android bodies... who begins to sing. 2B/9S
04-04 The Messenger Arrives A machine lifeform nearing a white flag awaited 2B and crew at the entrance to the amusement park ruins. 2B/9S

Chapter 05: Excavated Land Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
05 Excavated Land A large hole has opened up in the city ruins, and 2B and 9S travel down it to find the alien mothership. Inside, they run into Adam and Eve.
05-01 Pascal's Village Invited by a friendly-looking machine lifeform, 2B and crew into contact with an individual calling himself "Pascal." 2B/9S
05-02 Goliath Attack Upon leaving Pascal's village, 2B and her allies receive a report of a giant machine lifeform in the city ruins. They take a flight unit over to intercept it. 2B/9S
05-03 Alien Ship They city ruins have been greatly altered by an underground collapse. Following an alien signal, 2B and crew head down and find what appears to be an alien mothership. 2B/9S
05-04 Battle with Adam and Eve Inside the ship, 2B and crew are shocked to find a desiccated alien corpse. Then, before their eyes appear two machines born in the desert cave: Adam and Eve. 2B/9S

Chapter 06: King of the Forest Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
06 King of the Forest 2B and 9S head to the forest kingdom. As soon as they find the king, he is destroyed by a mysterious female android. Her name is A2 and she is a deserter.
06_01 Reporting to the Commander 2B and 9S return to the bunker, after Adam and Eve escape. They report to the commander that the aliens have been killed years ago by the machines. 2B/9S
06_02 To the Commercial Facility 2B and crow are ordered to gather intelligence on machine lifeforms. According to Pascal, off-network machines have established a nation in the depths of the woods.


06_03 Searching the Forest 2B and 9S pass through the shopping center and into the forest. There, they're attacked by armored machine lifeforms calling out in unison for their "King."


06_04 Forest Castle 2B and 9S arrive at the castle in the woods. Fighting off enemy machine lifeforms, they make their way into the castle to investigate it.


06_05 A2's Revenge Finally arriving in the throne room. 2B and 9S find that the King is an infant machine lifeform. Then. a mysterious android suddenly appears before them.


Chapter 07: Lost Child Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
07 Lost Child The aircraft carrier is under attack, so 2B and 9S head there to offer support. Once they arrive, a huge machine lifeform appears out of the depths of the ocean.
07_01 Reporting to Pascal 9S reports on A2. the android they met in the forest castle, to Pascal. Pascal also had records of A2. but they don't offer much information beyond that she is dangerous. 2B/9S
07_02 The Aircraft Carrier 2B and 9S return to the Resistance camp[ to check their data and refuel. Under request from Anemone, they head to the Flooded City to protect the android army carrier.


07_03 Battle Over the Ocean Receiving word that the seaward carrier is under attack, they requisition flight units and repel the enemy forces.


05_04 Monster A machine larger than any 2B has ever seen appears from the depths of the ocean. held off by a powerful electromagnetic filed, they try to fight back with an interception mortar.


Chapter 08: Copied City Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
08 Copied City 9S has disappeared after the destruction of the giant machine. 2B sets out to find him and ends up in a mysterious white city where Adam is waiting for her.
08-01 A Young Prisoner The huge machine lifeform has been destroyed. However, 9S was lost in the explosion . 2B scrambles to search for him.
08-01_1 2B Searches for 9S Waking up, 2B sets out to find the missing 9S. She receives information about a particular scanner from Anemone, to detect his faint black box signal. 2B
08-01_2 2B's battle with Adam Following 9S's signal, 2B reaches a white crystal city. Adam appears; he built the city out of an interest in humanity. He challengers 2B to fight so that he might understand death. 2B
08-01_3 9S's Memory Area 9S, broken down by the shockwave from the destruction of the machine lifeform. wanders among his own memory banks. 9S

Chapter 09: Deranged Religion Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
09 Deranged Religion 2B and Pascal head to the abandoned factory to negotiate peace with a group of machines. They find a religious cult that soon turns out to be hostile.
09-01 Those Who Believe 2B and Pascal are taken into the abandoned factory for peace negotiations, but they're attacked by machines straight away. Meanwhile, 9S verifies his own systems in the Bunker.
09-01_1 9S's Data Overhaul 9S wonders if he may have been infected with a virus while held captive by Adam. He performs an extensive verification of his own systems for a possible data overhaul. 9S


Trends Among the Machines 2B is tasked with looking into the movements of the machines released from the network. She contacts Pascal, who tells her that another machine group has offered a peace treaty. 2B


2B Negotiates Peace 2B meets Pascal at the factory ruin entrance to negotiate peace with the group of machines. They find a strange cult of religious robots waiting for them inside the factory. 2B
09-02 Escape 9S hacks from the Bunker to aid 2B and Pascal's escape.
09-02_1 9S Supports 2B Waking up in his quarters at the Bunker, 9S hears from the Operator that 2B has requested support. To help 2B, 9S hacks into the abandoned factory from the large terminal. 9S


2B Escapes the Factory 2B and Pascal manage to escape the abandoned factory thanks to 9S's help. 2B
09-02_3 Multi-leg Goliath Battle 2B encounters a large, many legged weapon while escaping. Attacks can't penetrate its powerful energy shield. 9S hacks into the factory system to disable the shield. 2B

Chapter 10: Loss Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
10 Loss The city ruins are overrun with machines, so 2B and 9S head there to support the Resistance. One particularly large weapon turns out to contain a very angry Eve.
10-01 Machines out of Control 9S takes his flight unit from his battle station and takes off from the Bunker. 2B, on the ground goes to sage the Resistance from a berserk machine lifeform.
10-01_1 9S Placed in Battle 9S is disturbed by the extinction of making. He gets an urgent order to his battle station, as if to drown out his troubled thoughts. 9S
10-01_2 2B Requests Backup 2B has safely escaped the abandoned factory with Pascal, when calls for rescue from Anemone at the resistance camp come pouring in. 2B
10-01_3 2B Assists the Resistance 2B arrives at the Resistance camp to find a machine preying on the androids there. The machine has a shield that repels projectiles so 2B must destroy it with close-range attacks. 2B
10-01_4 Multi-leg Goliath Battle Waiting in the City Ruins was a large multi-legged weapon that attacks with electrical discharges. 2B
10-02 Spherical Machine Battle 9S flies in during the flight with the multi-legged weapon, dropping his flight unit for a direct attack. The weapon is silenced, but from its husk appears Eve.


10-03 Attack on Pascal's Village 2B and 9S hurry to Pascal's village after receiving a distress signal from Pascal. Berserk machine lifeforms have invaded their village.


10-04 Battling Eve Eve, driven wild with hate after losing Adam, has made the machine lifeforms on the network savage. 2B and 9S go into battle with Eve to destroy him and end the machine rampage. 2B/9S
10-5 2B and 9S 9S is physically infected when Eve is separated from the network. 2B decides to put the infected 9S out of his misery with her own hands...
10-05_1 The End of Battle The end to the battle over Adam and Eve approaches. As the war between androids and machines continues around them, 2B and 9S cling tightly to life. 2B
10-05_2 The Beginning of Battle 2B returns to the bunker with 9S. Dressed in armor, she sets out to plunge herself into a new battle... 9S

Chapter 11: Full-scale Attack Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
11 Full-scale Attack Having destroyed Adam and Eve, the YoRHa turn their attention to the other machines. However they are wiped out by a large-scale virus, which has now spread to 2B as well...
11-01 2B's Invasion Begins With Adam and Eve, the backbone of the network, gone and the machine's chain of command thrown into chaos, the android army proceeds with their large-scale ground invasion. 2B
11-02 9S Hacks the Defense System To cripple the machine's aerial defense system, 9S hacks into it along with the scanner squad. 9S
11-03 2B's Battle for Control 2B and 9S, acting as a guerrilla force, assist the front line troops claiming each territory.


11-04 Contaminated YoRHa Triggered by an enemy EMP attack, YoRHa units are corroded by the virus. 2B and 9S are forced to turn their weapons on their own comrades to survive.


11-05 2B Escapes the Bunker 2B wakes in her quarters in the Bunker. She reported the situation to the commander with 9S, but the Bunker was already infected and the commander would share its fate. 2B
11-06 2B's Final Moments 2B escapes the Bunker, but she's knocked out of their air by attacking YoRHa. While fighting off pursuing machines, she notices that her own body is being eaten away by the virus. 2B
11-07 9S Gets Separated 9S lands on the ground and heads towards 2B, relying on her black box signal. There, he sees A2 - and 2B, on her last legs. 9S

Chapter 12: Memories of Sand Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
12 Memories of Sand Pod 042 received 2B's final order to support A2, and stuck fast to her through her travels - whether A2 liked it or not.
12-01 A2 Awakens A2 wakes up in the shopping center ruins. She heads to the desert to destroy a large machine, resenting the Pod clinging to her all the while. A2
12-02 A2's Battle in the Desert A2 destroys the machine in the desert, but is disheartened when a colossal, interlocking machine appears from the sand. Struggling, she goes into B Mode to fight it. A2

Chapter 13: Meat Box Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
13 Meat Box Having accessed the Tower, 9S was compelled to head for the Resource Recovery Unit. This led him towards the massive unit near the forest castle.
13-01 9S Awakens 9S is knocked unconscious by the collapsing landform. He wakes up in the care of Devola and Popola in the Resistance camp. 9S
13-02 9S Accesses the Tower 9S heads towards the massive structure that appeared in the City Ruins. Accessing the system, he's greeted by a voice introducing a tour to the Resource Recovery Unit.


13-03 9S's Determination While going from the tower to the Resource Recovery Unit, 9S decisively makes up his mind to destroy machine lifeforms and kill A2.


13-04 9S and the Meat Box 9S arrives at the bottom of the Resource Recovery Unit at last. he boards the defended Recovery Unit and sets off for the upper levels to get the Access Release Key.


Chapter 14: Pascal's Despair Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
14 Pascal's Despair The machines of Pascal's village suddenly went haywire. A2 rushed to the village to help Pascal and the children escape, but they find no safe harbor. A2 fights beside Pascal but...
14-01 A2 and the Oil Filter A2, having suffered an overload during the battle with the machine, reboots. She goes to the Resistance Camp to change her fuel filter and Anemone refers her to Pascal. A2


A Day in the Life of Pascal Pascal spent uneventful days tending to the children... Until suddenly, a strange sound blared out from afar, threatening to shatter his peaceful life.


14-03 Pascal Needs Help A2, heaving gathered the materials Pascal requested, was just about to return to the village when she received an alarming message from Pascal.


14-04 Cannibal Machines A2 arrives back at Pascal's village to find a group of cannibal machine lifeforms.


14-05 A2 and the Children Pascal and the children escape to the abandoned factory. A2 goes, learns of a large group of enemies and moves to intercept them. But something far worse waits her after the fight.


Chapter 15: Soul Box Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
15 Soul Box 9S's next target is the Resource Recovery unit in the Flooded City. Through deft hacking, he obtains the second Tower access key, but his body is left unable to fight.
15-01 9S Continues Fighting 9S's Pod warns him of irregularities in his vitals, but he continues hurrying to the next Resource Recovery Unit without paying it any heed. 9S
15-02 9S and the Soul Box 9S boards the Resource Recovery Unit in the Flooded City. he isn't able to confirm any enemies inside it. This unit's system protections must be hacked to reach its core.


15-03 9S Wounded 9S's NFCS is malfunctioning, and 9S cannot operate at full capcity in combat. he aims for the Resistance camp, in order to have it repaired by Devola.


15-04 9S Repaired 9S arrives at the Resistance camp at last. Devola and her friends have been worried about him - but their words don't reach him.


Chapter 16: God Box Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
16 God Box 9S fights the corrupted Operator 210 inside the recovery unit and again encounters A2. As soon as he turns his ire upon her, a machine lifeform crashes their reunion.
16-01 9S and the Resource Unit After being repaired, 9S heads towards the next Resource Recovery Unit. this leads him to the amusement park. 9S
16-02 A2 and the Resource Unit A2 leaves the abandoned factory and goes outside, where the sky rings with the Tower system's voice guidance system. Guided by the voice, she heads toward the giant unit in the east. A2
16-03 9S and the God Box Inside the Recovery Unit, 9S is barraged by long distance attacks from machine lifeforms. Destroying them, he presses on until he meets the last person he expects to see... 9S
16-04 A2 and the machine Siblings Operator 210, wounded by 9S is finished off by A2. 9S turns his fury onto A2 when a new foe appears below, and he descends, leaving A2 to fight the new machine's brothers. A2

Chapter 17: The Tower Edit

Chapter No. Chapter Name Description Player
17 The Tower 9S and A2 are guided into the Tower, unaware of the purpose for which it was built by machine lifeforms. A truth awaits them inside, as hideous as the Red Girl's nightmare.
17-01 9S Heads to the Tower 9S is awakened by his Pod. He has all authentication keys, and heads for the Tower entrance. He unlocks it to find a huge number of enemies; Devola and Popola appear just in time. 9S
17-02 9S Searches the Tower Thanks to Devola and Popola's backup, 9S finally enters the Tower, which has some entertainment prepared. The worst thing 9S could imagine: A group of 2B-type androids. 9S
17-03 A2 Heads to the Tower A2 leaves the Recovery Unit in the amusement park. hearing from her Pod that the Tower gate is open, she makes her way to the entrance. A2
17-04 A2 Searches the Tower A2 sneaks into the Tower. While searching its interior, she steps into a gigantic, white library. A2
17-05 9S Self-repairs Having lost his left arm, 9S grafts one from a 2B copy. The arm is infected, and he must hack himself to remove the virus. As he fights, a group of girls in red clothes appear. 9S
17-06 The Red Girls A2 fights off the multi-leg weapon in the library. She boards the elevator to the top of the Tower when she's forcibly hacked. In cyberspace, girls in red clothes challenge her. A2
17-07 To the Peak 9S commandeers a flight unit from the infected YoRHa and heads to the top of the Tower. A2 fights the large multi-leg weapon in the ascending elevator. A2
17-08 Combined Multi-leg Machine 9S and A2 reach the top of the Tower. Two large multi-leg weapons form into one and stand against them. A2
17-09 9S and A2 The machine defeated, 9S and A2 turn on each other. A2 explains it's pointless to kill each other, but 9S is deafened by hate. Thus begins the final battle between the last YoRHa. ???
17-10 The End 9S and A2 both greet their final moments.
17-10_1 9S's Final Moments 9S attacks, and A2 counter-attacks. A2 hears 2B's voice in the back of her mind, and lowers her guard just for a moment. Run through, she stabs 9S with her sword as she falls... 9S
17-10_2 A2's Final Moments Having felled 9S, A2 enters his system internals to eliminate the viral corruption. A2
17-11 The End of the YoRHa Project Black box responses cease from all YoRHa units. The pods move the YoRHa Project into its final phase. ???