NieR Replicant Drama CD: The Lost Verses and the Red Sky (ニーア レプリカント ドラマCD ウシナワレタコトバトアカイソラ, NieR Replicant Drama CD Ushinawareta kotoba to akai sora) is a drama CD (similar to a radio drama) that tells of events surrounding Project Gestalt. The CD is more closely related to Nier Replicant as opposed to Gestalt.

The final tracks on Disc 2 place the characters into a high school scenario in which both younger and older versions of Brother Nier interact with each other.

Track List Edit

Disc 1

  1. The End of the Sky
  2. Report #1
  3. The White Legion
  4. Report #2
  5. Statesmen
  6. Report #3
  7. Nier / Expectation
  8. Kaine / Family
  9. Emil / Weapon
  10. Nier / Confusion
  11. Emil / Oppression
  12. Kaine / Quarrel
  13. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #1
  14. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #2
  15. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #3
  16. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #4
  17. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #5
  18. A Boy, A Girl, and A Weapon #6
  19. Report #4

Disc 2

  1. The Promise of a 1,000 Years
  2. Carnal Desire
  3. The Space War
  4. Final Curfew Call
  5. The Classroom
  6. The Student Teacher
  7. Greeting by the Head Teacher
  8. The Cheerleading Squad
  9. Lunch Break
  10. The Lavatory
  11. The Baton Relay
  12. Good Work Today?
  13. The Folk Dance

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