Nier's Dream is a dream that Nier has about the Sleeping Forest. It occurs after returning to Yonah from Facade, and spending the night with her.




.....I hear a voice.

I squint and see a boy standing before me. His hair is silver, his skin is pale, and he stares up at me with hard, glassy eyes.

Soon his lips begin to move, but no sound comes out. What is he saying? I can't hear him. I can't hear him. I can't hear him I can't hear him I can't I can't I can't

I try to leave, but something about the boy holds my gaze, I watch his face, expressionless, as his lips slowly flutter.

What is he trying to say?

Wait. It's a phrase. I can almost make it out. It starts with an "s"... Then there's an "e"...

I can almost see it now. The letters begin to fall together, one after the other, faster and faster.

S- E- A- L- E- D V- E- R- S- E

Oh my god. It's a Sealed Verse. The thing I am looking for, the key to saving my little girl. I stare at the boy with renewed ferocity, trying desperately to make out his next word.

D- R- E- A- M

Dream? What? What the hell does that mean?

The lips move again, faster now.

I can't follow them. Dammit! I can't make it out!

I want to scream. I want to tear the walls down around me.

But instead, I force myself to be calm. I can do this. I can do it for Yonah. Slowly, ever so slowly, I parse out the letters that make up his final words...

F- O- R- E- S- T O- F M- Y- T- H