Operator 6O (pronounced Operator six-oh) is an android communication operator permanently stationed at the “Bunker”. As with other operators, her duties include sending directives to the YoRHa soldiers on the field as well as information analysis. Though her physical appearance is near identical to her fellow operators, she wears braids in her hair as a physical distinction.

Operator 6O, responsible for YoRHa No.2 Type B, is comparatively bright[1], friendly, and personal. It is not uncommon for 6O to contact 2B regarding matters unrelated to the mission in an informal manner; a clear contrast with the more stoic and impersonal 2B and fellow Operator 21O. Unable to leave the Bunker, she harbors a curiosity about what life is like on Earth.

In Route A, a sidequest opens with a request from 6O that 2B send her a picture of a flower from Earth. 2B can complete this sidequest by locating a Desert Rose in the Desert area.

Commander That is why you, the YoRHa forces, exist:
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NieR: Automata follow.

During the escape from the Bunker following the Logic Virus outbreak in Route C, 2B and the others will pass by 6O's quarters. If the player finished 6O's quest, an extra dialogue will trigger in which a corrupted 6O thanks 2B for the flower.

6O is one of numerous YoRHa casualties as a result of the Logic Virus outbreak on the Bunker.

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Any Nier Automata related notifications for the social game give 6O a text-only appearance. In the notifications, she is formally attempting to contact 2B.

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