Phoenix Dagger
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 240 50% Moderate


Silver Ore 6x, Giant Egg 2x
Level 2 300 70% Moderate


Silver Ore x6, Eagle Egg, Broken Earring x2
Level 3 332 70% Moderate


Silver Ore x6, Black Pearl x5, Amber x2
Level 4 346 80% Moderate
Phoenix Dagger is a one-handed weapon in NieR and NieR: Automata. It is part of a set, along with the Phoenix Sword and the Phoenix Spear.


"A ceremonial blade crafted from feathers of the legendary firebird. It is untested as a weapon."

Location Edit

  • NieR - Purchased from a shopkeeper in Seafront for 32,500 Gold near the end of the game.
  • NieR: Automata - Aquired from a chest located within the fissure underneath the long wooden bridge which connects the City Ruins and the Commercial Building.

Weapon StoryEdit

A girl was engaged to a man who roamed the battlefields. The girl held her belief, prayed in the mornings, at noon, on evenings, and hoped that the man would remain safe and sound. Maybe her straightforward prayers did reach – one night, a brightly shining bird appeared in her dreams and left her with these words.

“The man shall return safe and sound.” At the bird’s whispered words, the faithful girl cried in joy. “However,” the brightly shining bird continued in its beautiful voice. “His heart won’t return.”

Eventually, the man did come back alive, just as the bird predicted. With a plethora of scars across his formidable body and a beautiful stranger at his side. Even then, the girl ran towards the man, her heart filled with her love until this point.

The man was surprised and embraced the girl, however, he eventually fell down. Standing beside the fallen man was the girl, her right hand grasping a blood-stained dagger, her left hand holding what resembled a red-black ripened fruit – the man’s heart. His heart shall never wander again. Standing in the pool of blood, the girl kissed the man’s heart with an expression of utmost fulfillment and intoxicated happiness, and gave a prayer of thanks.

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