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Japanese name: ポポル
Rōmaji: Poporu
Name: Unnamed Staff
Profile Data
Occupation: Village Leader
Status: Alive (NieR: Automata)
Deceased (NieR)
Killed by: Herself
Race: Android
Sex: Female Model
Age: Unknown, 24 in appearance (Under 1,470)
Died: 3369 (NieR Gestalt)
3470 (NieR RepliCant)
Height: 160 cm
Hair color: Maroon
Eye color: Aqua
Family: Devola ("Sister")
Japanese Voice: Ryoko Shiraishi
English Voice: Eden Riegel

Popola, also known as Popol in the Japanese release, is a major character in NieR and NieR: Automata. She is the twin sister of Devola and a friend of Nier.


While her twin sister is a bard who is a regular performer at the tavern in Nier's village, Popola is the librarian in charge of the village library. Both sisters are considered the leaders of the village and are always looking out for Nier's daughter/sister Yonah during his frequent absences. Popola is the one who gives him missions for the main storyline.

Kaine Spoiler Weiss! You Dumbass!!
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NIER follow.

It is revealed when the player is in the Shadowlord's Castle that both Devola and Popola are android scientists/observers for Project Gestalt. The twins are revealed to have lived for thousands of years as a result of the initial experiments of the project, and have thus been charged with keeping eye on other experiments as a result: namely over the members of the entire party, including Yonah. They were made to provide support when the day has come for Gestalts to return to the Replicant's vessels. They are tasked with extracting data from Gestalts’ souls, making new Replicants' bodies, and returning a dead Replicant's data to its Gestalt.

"Those two have watched the world wither for time immemorial. The cruelness of such a fate is difficult to imagine."
—Weiss, after the twins are revealed as androids.

Before dying, the twins revealed that the Sealed Verses originated from the experimentation on them both, stating that they only loaned Grimoire Weiss a fraction of their power. Thus, meaning that their magic and capabilities are far superior to that of Grimoire Weiss.

Death Edit

"Stop? Stop? You want me to stop? You think I have the luxury to stop? You cut down my sister like an animal and you tell me to STOP!? No one STOPS!! It's way too late to STOP! No one... STOOOOOPS!!"
—Popola, after Devola's death

Popola is killed by her own attack along with Emil when the latter sacrifices himself to save his friends and counter the magic. It is later revealed that Emil survived that blast, but is only left as a head.

NieR: Automata Edit

Devola and Popola will both appear in NieR: Automata, though as different models than the ones seen in NieR.


NieR Devola & Popola
Imginfo-iconPopola holding Devola after she dies
NieR Devola & Popola Render
Popola Devola concept art
Imginfo-iconConcept art
Imginfo-iconFighting Nier


  • Like Devola, Popola's name is a reference to the weapon Devolapopola (Skald's Song) in Drakengard. According to the databook of said game, Taro Yoko personally liked the weapon story and wished to someday make them characters in one of his projects. They are named after two dogs owned by one of his acquaintances.
  • According to Nier, Popola doesn't drink alcohol because it sends her into a violent rage. He describes her by saying, "Popola doesn't look it, but after a few, she's the strongest in the land.". Nier explains that she even once knocked down a tavern wall (although, this could possibly be exaggeration). This could also be a subtle hint to her status as an android.
  • She is good at untying a cherry stem with her tongue.

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