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Kaine Spoiler Weiss, you dumbass!
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NIER follow.
Project Gestalt Report 0923

Project Gestalt Report 0923

Project Gestalt (German: Gestalt – "essence or shape of an entity's complete form") was initiated to save humanity from the incurable White Chlorination Syndrome, which was spread by the maso, after the battle between The Dragon against The Giant. The humans would seperate their soul from their body until the WCS would vanish on its own and then rejoined again. Therefore, the soulless Replicants were created from the data of the genes of the human body and its corresponding soul was stashed away within the form of the Gestalts, also known as Shades in Nier's time of age. However, according to the protocolled data files, an uncalculated error occured during the transformation process, which made it possible that Replicants could become self aware, thus making a fusion with its Gestalt impossible. This effect is known as relapse, which not only turns the Gestalt hostile, but also affects the Replicant, in showing marks on its body: The Black Scrawl.

The fusion of Gestalt and Replicant, after the WCS has been purged, should be initiated with the help of Grimoire Weiss and Grimoire Noir to make them true humans again.

NieR Edit


NieR: Automata Edit

Commander That is why you, the YoRHa forces, exist:
SPOILER ALERT - Plot details for NieR: Automata follow.

It is revealed in NieR: Automata that as a result of Nier killing the Shadowlord, Project Gestalt failed. The result was that humanity became extinct within a thousand years. This event led to the creation of YoRHa, a project that's goal was to destroy all the machines and perpetuate the lie that humanity had managed to escape to the moon and survive there.


Project Gestalt Report 0923
Imginfo-iconProject Gestalt Report 0923
Project Gestalt Report 9182
Imginfo-iconProject Gestalt Report 9182
Project Gestalt Report 10432
Imginfo-iconProject Gestalt Report 10432
Project Gestalt Report 11242
Imginfo-iconProject Gestalt Report 11242

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