Research Project is a quest in NieR.

Quest Description Edit

"The butler wants you to explore the manor's underground facility in search of a way to restore Emil's body to normal. A clue apparently awaits in the second basement floor."

Guide Edit

In the third main room of the laboratory on B2, there is an "employee list" key item that will help you progress in the quest, hinting to go to Seafront.

Upon arriving at Seafront. Head to the gate that is above the town. Using the map as a guide, you will find a stairway to the left further in the town. This will bring you to a man who will hand you the "Researcher's Letter" held by the family for unknown reasons to them besides that it seemed important to the owner, kept under lock and key, and is encrypted. Bring it to the butler back in the mansion to decipher the letter and complete the quest.