The Resistance Camp is a Zone in NieR: Automata.

Location Edit

The camp entrance is located near the edge of the City Ruins, however there is a transporter located inside the camp itself for fast travel. There are fences set up in a defenseable position and the camp itself is hidden in a clearing behind some old buildings. The camp itself is actually quite large and extends back to reveal homes and storage facilities.

Services Edit

Resistance Camp Leader
Camp Leader - The Resistance Camp leader, Anemone provides vital mission reports and sidequests.
Resistance Camp Weapons Trader
Weapons Dealer - A Weapons Dealer sells: Beastbane, Ancient Overlord and Beastlord and can upgrade any existing weapons to level 3.
Supply Trader
Supply Trader - Selling some Recovery Items and basic Plug-in Chips.
Resistance Camp Resistance Shop
Maintenence Shop - Sellling Pod Programs and upgrades and the ability to fuse Plug-in Chips.
Resistance Camp Devola Popola
Devola & Popola - Appearing after Tower emerges, they sell unique Plug-in Chips and 2 weapons: Type-3 Sword and Type-3 Blade.
Resistance Camp Strange Man
Strange Man - This Resistance man can offer tutorial lessons and important information for the player.
Resistance Camp Strange Woman
Strange Woman - This Resistance woman can offer to sell you Trophies for a high price which actually mark as completed on both Steam/Ps4.
Resistance Camp Machine
Computer - Access the terminal by asking Anemone with A2. This contains 3 Novels titled: Anemone: Encounter, Anemone: Understanding and Anemone: Separation
Home - After spending some time in the camp, the player is offered this home to sleep and save the game in.
Resistance Camp Chest
Locked Chest - Requiring 9S, you can hack this container and acquire the Type-4O Fists
Resistance Camp Storage
Storage Facility - This location is used for the puzzle-based sidequest: Sorting Trouble
Resistance Camp Jukebox
Jukebox - You can use the jukebox to play various Records obtained throughout the game.

Notes Edit

  • The people residing at the camp change depending on the chapter and events that have taken place.

Trivia Edit

  • None