Sidequests (also known as sub-quests) are a Menu option in NieR: Automata. They can be picked up at various times throughout the main story. They can almost entirely be skipped however quests offer various rewards such as Weapons and Pod Programs. Due to the event-like nature of the game, quests will appear and disappear based on the current chapter. Completed quests will have an impact on the world allowing the player to access new opportunities which will remain permanent.

List of Sidequests Edit

Jean-Paul's Melancholy
Machine Examination 1
Machine Examination 2
Family Squabble
Animal Care
Turf War
Underground Colosseum (DLC)
Gambler's Colosseum (DLC)
Trial of Sand (DLC)
Robo Dojo - White Belt
Robo Dojo - Brown Belt
Robo Dojo - Black Belt
Robo Dojo - Red and White Belt
Robo Dojo - Red Belt
Lost Girl
The Supply Trader's Request
The Manager's Request
The Weapon Dealer's Request
Camp Development
Anemone's Past
Resistance Disappearance
Jackass's Research
Improving Communications
Investigating Communications
Terminal Repairs
Find a Present
Data Analysis Freak
Data Analysis Freak 2
Lord of the Valley
Play with Us!
Storage Element
Half-wit Inventor
Idiot Savant
Game Dev Machine Lv.1
Game Dev Machine Lv.2
Game Dev Machine Lv.3
Speed Star
Emil's Memories
11B's Memento
Treasure Hunt at the Castle
The Wandering Couple
Data on the Old World
Culinary Researcher
YoRHa Betrayers
Devola's Request
Popola's Errand
The Twin's Request
Heritage of the Past
Retrieve the Confidential Intel
Sorting Trouble
Sorting Trouble 2
Sorting Trouble 3
Stamp Collecting
Parade Escort
Gathering Keepsakes
The Recluse
The Recluse Stays Home
The Permanent Recluse
Mysterious Letter (DLC)
Mysterious Invitation (DLC)