Simone is a Unit in NieR: Automata

Description Edit

A Goliath-class machine lifeform modeled after an opera singer, this unit attacked foes using the repurposed bodies of living androids. Obsessed with a certain other machine lifeform, she put great thought into her appearance - even going so far as to cannibalize her own kind. Alas, such garish decorations only ended up being a spectacular display of poor taste. her search for beauty eventually led to her demise when she attacked 2B and 9S.

Variations Edit

  • None

Notes Edit

  • Simone has a wide array of attacks such as a wave of energy. (similar to the Wave pod program)
  • Getting within melee range forces Simone to reveal a hidden machine underneath her mechanical dress which performs melee attacks.
  • Another common attack is her use of slow ring like projectiles which infect the player, causing them to commit to a hacking puzzle to escape.
  • Halfway though the encounter, Simone summons the bodies of near-death androids which also have the above mentioned wave and ring attacks.
  • The less health Simone has the more enraged she becomes, increasing the rate of her attacks.

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