Spear of the Usurper
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 364 40% Very Light


Iron Ore x1
Level 2 418 50% Light


Iron Ore x2, Large Gear x2, Subdued Bracelet x1
Level 3 510 60% Moderate


Iron Ore x5, Broken Lens x2, Pyrite
Level 4 600 70% Moderate

The Spear of the Usurper is a spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It can be bought from the weapon shop in Seafront.


"A spear used by a prince's body double to slay his employer. The traitor was later killed with the same spear."

Weapon StoryEdit

In a certain country, there lived a man who acted as a double for the prince. The man took care of official business every day in place of the prince. When he went to the prince after finishing a day’s work, he found a naked woman sleeping in his room. The woman was the prince’s sister. A man with the same face stared at the man’s shocked impression, and invited him to join in while laughing flippantly.

The man loved the prince’s sister. He also felt that she, who adored him like an older brother, loved him back. Even if goes through every day in a façade, she was the only thing he was living for. He, who put his life on the line for the most despicable prince.

The prince took command during the war. He told this to the man who was prepared to risk his life to accomplish his job: If he managed to take the enemy commander’s head, then the prince would let him sleep with his sister once. The man shoved a spear through the prince’s mouth as he laughed flippantly.

After the war, the “prince” made his sister his wife and began to injure his own face and throat. He repeated his actions every time his sister called him “big brother”. Eventually, the “prince” was found with his face burnt and a spear impaling him in the mouth. His burnt face looked very calm.


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