Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 384 40% Moderate


Silver Ore, Large Gear x2
Level 2 442 50% Heavy


Silver Ore x2, Rusty Kitchen Knife x2, Forlorn Necklace x1
Level 3 531 60% Heavy


Silver Ore x3, Subdued Bracelet, Pyrite
Level 4 625 70% Very Heavy
is a spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER). It can be purchased after the time skip from the blacksmith at the Village or The Aerie for 21,600 Gold. After the boss fight against Wendy, it can no longer be purchased, and must be acquired on a subsequent playthrough.


"This spear's point is so finely honed that all who are grazed by it experience an instant, painless death."

Weapon StoryEdit

Long ago, in the Land of the Golden Bird, there was a sword said to be made of every precious metal and inlaid with every kind of gemstone known to man. This sword was said to be so sharp, even a small cut by the edge of the blade would bleed out the entire body, and could never be healed.

Some way or another, this sword fell into the hands of a woman selling her body. She became compelled to hide the blade in her bedding, and upon being taken by a man, she would turn the sword on him. Before even feeling any pain, the men would completely bleed out and die, and from the wounds would flow an endless amount of gold and money.

One day, bursting with wealth and dressed in the finest garments available, the woman sought to liberate the gemstones from the sword. Driven by her greed, the blade's edge turned slick and deadly, as the woman sent for the blacksmith.

On the way there, weighed down and unbalanced by the sword, the woman fell off the side of the bridge into the river. Her greed was such that even as she was swallowed up by the water, she refused to let go of the heavy blade. Her body was found the next day, drained of all its blood.


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