Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 221 20% Light


Iron Ore x2
Level 2 254 30% Light


Iron Ore x2, Twisted Ring x3, Metal Piercing x1
Level 3 312 40% Light


Iron Ore x4, Crystal x2, Pyrite x1
Level 4 368 50% Light

Transience is the starting spear in NieR RepliCant and NieR Gestalt (NIER) , obtained at the halfway mark in the story, along with Kusanagi.


"A knight was so moved by the suffering of a beggar that he removed all ornamentations from this spear."

Weapon StoryEdit

Those people were scarily hardworking. They tore through forests and hunted animals though they had no need. They learned how to preserve food that they could not finish, and tried to unnecessarily save up money. However, there were none who questioned this. Because everyone was doing it.

Those people were scarily studious. They repeatedly did numerical calculations that had no application and predicted the future, repeating their arguments. They created numerous difficult languages, made tons of complicated machinery that they threw away right after. However, there were none who looked back. Because nobody realized.

Those people were scarily obedient. When the sun rose, they got up at the same time, put on the same clothes and began their work in a stuffy room out of their own will. However, there were none who complained. Because they did not know what to do otherwise.

Those people who overworked themselves lost the forest and live on sands now. Those people who were too smart for their own good could only talk in a language that nobody else understood. Those people who behaved too well could not defy the laws that were continuously made, and lived surrounded by tens and thousands of laws.


  • This spear is exactly the same as the spears wielded by the warriors of Façade, so it is likely that this spear was given to Nier as a gift.