Type-3 Sword is a one-handed sword in NieR: Automata.

Description Edit

Type-3 Sword

"A dated YoRHa blade trusted by android veterans. Not the latest model, but proven in combat"

Location Edit

  • Twins Shop Resistance Camp

Weapon StoryEdit

The craftsman's weapons were neither flashy nor attractive, but they never once failed in battle. This reliabilty afforded him a never-ending stream of loyal clients.

Yet, something nagged at the craftsman. Though he'd forged many a weapon, he'd only tested them on pigs and cows. He wondered what it might fell like to use them on another human being.

The craftsman took a sword to a battlefield and slashed at corpses, disappointed at how easily the sword slid through them. It wasn't satisfying at all. He wanted to really fell like he was ripping through flesh.

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