The Underground Research Records are found in Emil's Mansion during the second half of the game.

Underground Research RecordsEdit

Underground Research Record 1Edit

Notice: Archival Storage 8.2.2026

Following the recent incident with Number 6, we have decided to establish an archival room. This room will hold records on the methods used to control and/or cancel all forms of magic - including petrification and bestial transformation - as well as allow other projects to move forward. (Specifically, this should make it easier to complete a long-term storage solution for Number 6, as well as proceed with our work on Number 7.)

All employees are required to keep the courtyard entrance to this new room secure. Failure to do so is considered grounds for immediate termination.

Underground Research Record 2Edit

Notice: Progress Report on Number 6 12.25.2025

We have completed the initial research into Number 6, and are ready to initiate the startup experiment in the coming days.

As this will likely mark a great leap forward in Gestalt research, the National Weapons Research Laboratory has made the completion of the Number 6 project its top priority. Budgets for all other projects are to be frozen, effective immediately.

Underground Research Record 3Edit

Notice: Meeting Agenda 9.12.2026

Today's meeting will address the following topics:

- A solution for long-term storage of Number 6.

- A progress report on Number 7.

-Disguising the laboratory's above-ground facility as a mansion.

Underground Research Record 4Edit

Notice: Progress Report on Number 6 10.11.2025

The donor body Halua has been chosen from among the seven candiates subjects to proceed to the next stage. In the interest of protecting state secrets, all but one of the remaining subjects will be disposed of. The donor body, Emil, however, will be kept in storage as a failsafe measure.