Vile Axe
Level Attack Power Magic Power Weight
Level 1 384 40% Moderate


Silver Ore x4, Simple Machine
Level 2 442 30% Heavy


Silver Ore x8, Broken Lens x2, Twisted Ring
Level 3 729 40% Very Heavy


Silver Ore x12, Broken Saw x2, Amber
Level 4 841 50% Very Heavy

The Vile Axe is a two-handed sword in NieR RepliCant and NIER, bought from a weapon shop in Seafront for 21,600 Gold.


"A mage with a putrid soul imbued the essence of a fire lizard into this axe."

Weapon StoryEdit

The girl merely stared at the scene before her. On her side, numerous cuts littered her father’s body, and though dead, her mother was continuously raped by the soldiers. Her young brother who was born not long ago was thrown into the furnace, and his body burnt to a crisp. The soldiers who killed her three family members, merely stared at the girl while she cried.

A few years later, she set out for revenge. The first one was such a fat soldier that his military clothes were bursting at their seams. The girl approached him, and told him of a medicine that could make him lose weight. She told him that she has to give him a physical examination, and made him lie on a bed. Then she cut off his hands and feet with an axe. Without his limbs, the man could not even attempt an escape. You can get even thinner, the girl said and pressed down on him. Now you’ve become very slim, the girl whispered to the now round torso.

The second soldier was matchless in his lust for women. He called numerous women to his mansion every day, and spent the night with them. The girl killed all the women around him. She stood before the man possessed by terror, reduced to mumbled pleas for his life, and chopped off the symbol of his masculinity with her axe.

The third soldier retired from the army, and lived an easygoing life with his family in a village on the borders. While his family was sleeping, the girl put cracks into the house’s pillars with her axe. Losing its support, the house crumbled, and the girl lit a fire upon it. The fire grew into enormous proportions. The son of the soldier, who suffered burns all over his body, escaped from the burning house. The son of the soldier merely stared at the girl who killed his entire family. The girl offered the son of the soldier her axe, and escaped into the darkness.


  • The Vile Axe appears as the Foul Blade in Drakengard.