Virtuous Dignity

Virtuous Dignity is a spear in NieR: Automata.

It is found after climbing a ladder from the sewer, when going towards the amusement park.


"A white spear used by samurai of the East."

Weapon StoryEdit

The elegant white spear was crafted by a tyrant as a gift for his wife-whose parents he had killed years earlier. She slipped it under the bed they shared, then later used it to run him through 30 times.

The spear's second owner was a courageous, bandit-fighting mayor. In her later years, her strength faded, until one night, a pack of young thugs surrounded her and took all she had-including her life.

The third owner was a greedy merchant who lived to swindle customers. Soon, she found herself shunned and penniless, and so decided to hang herself. The unused spear rested in a corner of her home as a decoration.

The fourth owner was a meek, young man who wanted to aid his sickly younger sister. He gave all to this cause - including his very existence and that of all else in the world.